The Biblical Basis for Missions: Treasure in Jars of Clay (2 Cor. 4:1-12)

Don Carson

Are People Without Christ Really Lost?

Andy Davis

Why the Great Commission Is Great: Reaching More and More People (2 Cor. 4:13-18)

David Platt

The Heart of God in the Call to Proclaim: Our Goal: To Please Him (2 Cor. 5:1-10)

John Piper

The Individual's Suffering and the Salvation of the World

Michael Oh

Jesus and Justice

Stephen Um

Being Ambassadors for Christ: The Ministry of Reconciliation (2 Cor. 5:11-21)

Mack Stiles


Mobilized for Missions: A Strategy for Launching College Graduates Around the World

Rupert Leary

Discipleship and Development: Connecting Sound Doctrine and Sound Economics in Global Missions

Brian Fikkert

Church Planting in Gospel-Resistant Places

Dave Furman

Reckless Abandon: Faith that Glorifies God by Advancing His Name

David Sitton

Must One Choose Between Truth and Tolerance?

Don Carson

The Reformers' Commitment to the Propagation of the Gospel to All Nations from 1555-1654

Elias Medeiros

Missions and the Fear of God

Flip Buys

A Biblical Theology of Mission: An Evaluation of Chris Wright

Gary Millar

Christian Witness in a Religiously Pluralistic World

Harold Netland

What It Means to Truly Consider Missions

Mack Stiles

My Call to Missions: Missed or Misunderstood?

Noël Piper

Contextualization and the Gospel Once-for-All Delivered to God’s People

Zane Pratt

The Shape of Things to Come in Missions

Zane Pratt

Misconceptions about the Chinese Church

Joann Pittman

The World Mission of Christ in the Cross Defines and Empowers the Local Work of the Church

Josiah Bancroft

Why Latin America Needs to be “Re-Evangelized”

Miguel Núñez

National Conference


Jesus the Son of God, the Son of Mary (Luke 1:26-38; 2:1-21)

John Piper

Jesus Despised (Luke 4:14-30)

Colin Smith

Jesus' Transforming Power on Behalf of the Afflicted (Luke 8:26-56)

Crawford Loritts

Jesus' Resolve to Head Toward Jerusalem (Luke 9:18-62)

Don Carson

Jesus and the Lost (Luke 15:1-32)

Kevin DeYoung

Jesus and Money (Luke 16:1-31)

Stephen Um

Panel Discussion: Did Jesus Preach the Gospel?

Don Carson, Kevin DeYoung, Tim Keller, John Piper

Jesus Betrayed and Crucified (Luke 22:39-23:43)

Gary Millar

Jesus Vindicated (Luke 24:1-53)

Tim Keller


Dangerous Calling: Confronting the Unique Challenges of Pastoral Ministry

Paul Tripp

Because We Are One: Incarnation, Union and Life as the Beloved

Elyse Fitzpatrick

Are Adam and Eve Historical Figures?

Albert Mohler, Bryan Chapell

How to Create a Sending Culture in Your Church

J. D. Greear

9Marks Panel Discussion: Conversion and Community: How the Church Pictures Supernatural Community

Albert Mohler, J. D. Greear, Jared Wilson, Mike McKinley, Jonathan Leeman, Jeramie Rinne

9Marks Panel Discussion: Growth and Grace: How Obedience Sets Us Free

Tim Keller, John Piper, Mike McKinley, Jonathan Leeman, Tom Schreiner, Hunter Powell

9Marks Panel Discussion: Membership and Mission: Why Membership Matters for the Church's Mission

Matt Chandler, Mike McKinley, Jonathan Leeman, K. Edward Copeland, Andy Davis

Is the World Really Flat?

Albert Mohler

The Dangers and Delights of a Long Ministry in One Place

Alistair Begg

Recapturing a Robust Doctrine of the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

Burk Parsons

Knowing God as Father: Understanding the Doctrine of Adoption

C. J. Mahaney

Women in the Church: A Distinctive Contribution

Claire Smith

Dealing with Discouragement in Ministry

Darrin Patrick, Amie Patrick

Every Disciple Making Disciples, Every Church Multiplying Churches

David Platt

How Do Others Experience You as a Counselor?

David Powlison

What Do We Mean When We Confess Jesus to be the Son of God?

Don Carson

The Theology of Deuteronomy for Preachers

Gary Millar

College Ministry: Because Real Life Begins Now!

Jon Nielson, J. D. Greear, Rupert Leary

Living and Active Prayer: Led By the Psalms

Kathleen Nielson

Marks of the Messenger

Mack Stiles

Faithful and Fruitful

Matt Chandler

New Directions in Assisted Reproduction: How Did We End Up Here?

Megan Best

Divine Hospitality: Feasting with God in Luke's Gospel

Michael Horton

Preparing Leaders of Integrity for Public Influence

Michael Lindsay

Rhythms of Grace

Mike Cosper

False Comfort and Faulty Assumptions: Confronting Misbeliefs in the Midst of Grief

Nancy Guthrie

Gospel Centered Youth Ministry: Building on Jesus not the Jokes

Nate Morgan Locke, Josh Cousineau

Insourcing: Bringing Discipleship Back into the Local Church

Randy Pope

Black and White and Red All Over: Racial Reconciliation and the Gospel in the Local Church

Russell Moore

Beyond Cotton Balls and Popsicle Sticks

Sally and David Michael

Why Cities Matter: To God, the Culture, and the Church

Stephen Um, Justin Buzzard

Gospel Centered Youth Ministry: Jesus' Mission to the Next Generation

Tim Hawkins, Dave Wright

A Biblical Theology of Revival

Tim Keller

Atonement in Luke-Acts

Tom Schreiner

How Pastors Can Encourage Artistic Gifts

Michael Wilder

How Suffering Sets You Free

Tullian Tchividjian

Auxiliary Events

Reformed Theological Seminary Panel: Having Confidence in the Scriptures

Justin Taylor, Bruce Baugus, John Currid, Mike Kruger, Chuck Hill

Reformed Theological Seminary Panel: Seeing Christ in the Old Testament

David Mathis, Mark Futato, Scott Redd, Derek Thomas, Miles Van Pelt

Zondervan Panel: How to Engage and Study Doctrine in the Local Church

Kevin DeYoung, Michael Horton, Justin Buzzard, J. D. Greear

BibleMesh Panel: Rediscovering the Importance of Biblical Languages for Faithful Ministry

D. A. Carson, Albert Mohler, Tom Schreiner, Peter Williams

Post Conference

Redefining Work

Tim Keller

Redefining Work Panel Discussion

Tim Keller, Bob Doll, Katherine Leary Alsdorf, Greg Forster, Dave Kiersznowski, Mark Mellinger

Reframing Pastoral Work

Bob Doll, Tom Nelson

Reframing Pastoral Work Panel Discussion

Tim Keller, Tom Nelson, John Yates, Bob Doll, Crawford Loritts, Mark Mellinger

Rethinking Work

Katherine Leary Alsdorf, Dave Kiersznowski

Rethinking Work Panel Discussion

Tim Keller, Tom Nelson, Dave Kiersznowski, Katherine Leary Alsdorf, Mark Mellinger