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Preaching Deuteronomy


The very thought of Deuteronomy is enough to elicit a yawn from many Christians. Statutes, stipulations, sanctions—the epitome of irrelevant Old Testament law, right? Not so fast. The capstone of the Pentateuch, Deuteronomy lays the foundations for the flow of the rest of Old Testament theology. Prophecy, wisdom, and biblical history all find their "genesis" here. That's why grasping the theology of Deuteronomy not only opens the way to preaching a helpful series on this book, it has the potential to transform our Christ-centered preaching of the Old Testament.

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The Book of Deuteronomy

Peter C. Craigie
Craigie's commentary devotes considerable care to achieving a balance between technical information and homiletic-devotional interpretation.


J. G. McConville
This outstanding work offers a theological interpretation of Deuteronomy in its canonical context. Incorporates the tension between a vision of a perfectly ordered society under God and practical provisions for dealing with the imperfections of real people.


Daniel Block
The theological significance of Deuteronomy cannot be overestimated, and few books in Scripture proclaim such a relevant word of grace to the church today. In this new commentary, Block highlights the unity between the God depicted in Deuteronomy and Jesus Christ.

Deuteronomy: An Introduction and Commentary

J. A. Thompson
An introductory level commentary that is both accessible and insightful.


John D. Currid
Combining his own translation from the original Hebrew with careful exegesis and application, Currid’s commentaries on the books of the Pentateuch have been very helpful. This volume of Deuteronomy is no exception.


Christopher Wright
Wright passionately explains this important theological book, with a particular eye toward implications for faithful life and witness in our own day. Section-by-section exposition, key terms and phrases highlighted, and all Hebrew transliterated.


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