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In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. And from before the beginning of time the triune God prepared a great act of redemption for what had yet to be created. Already in the first book of the Bible we begin to understand the character of a God who will save us from himself for himself by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Within the first three chapters of Genesis we see creation, fall, and the promise of redemption. Genesis points forward to Jesus Christ, anticipating his coming and revealing his importance. The royal expectation, seen so clearly in Abraham and Joseph, forms the basis for understanding how Genesis relates to Jesus Christ. Though the messiah does not explicitly appear in Genesis, this book provides clues as to what he will be like and what he will achieve.

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The Challenge of Preaching Christ in Genesis

T. Desmond Alexander
The entire Book of Genesis anticipates that through a future descendant of Eve the evil one will be defeated and God's blessing will come to the nations of the earth.


The Promised One: Seeing Jesus in Genesis

Nancy Guthrie
Guthrie helps us find Christ in the people, promises, and patterns of the Old Testament scriptures.

Living in the Gap Between Promise and Reality: The Gospel According to Abraham

Iain M. Duguid
Duguid writes for pastors and small group studies about how the Old Testament patriarch foreshadows the perfect saving work of Christ.


John Calvin
Calvin's ability to discern character and motivation from clues in the text, blended with his understanding of man's condition, create a work that is thoroughly thought-provoking and practical. A good commentary for pastors, teachers, or the thoughtful layperson.

The Gospel of Genesis

Warren Austin Gage
Gage demonstrates how the first seven chapters of Genesis set in motion a typological pattern that is carried along throughout the rest of Scripture. The pattern relates to God, man, sin, redemption (individual and corporate), and judgment. Filled with scriptural allusions and intertextual connections, Gage presents a compelling biblical-theological case for a thoroughly Christ-centered protology.

Last Things First: Unlocking Genesis with the Christ of Eschatology

J. V. Fesko
Should the fact that Jesus is called "the last Adam" and "the Alpha and the Omega” in the New Testament affect how we read the first three chapters of Genesis? Fesko argues that it should and that we must interpret Genesis 1-3 in light of the eschatological last Adam. Includes important insights relevant to contemporary discussions surrounding the "cultural mandate," the work of Christ, and the mission of the church.

The Gospel in Genesis: From Fig Leaves to Faith

Martyn Lloyd-Jones
Examining portions of chapters 3-12, Lloyd-Jones moves readers from fig leaves in the garden to faith in the gospel. As Lloyd-Jones preaches the good news of Christ from the pages of Genesis, he awakens nonbelievers to their lostness and emboldens Christians to believe firmly the only message that offers answers to life's biggest questions.


James Montgomery Boice
This three-volume commentary displays Boice's trademark blend of thoughtful interpretation and contemporary insight for daily living. Useful as an expository aid and devotional resource, Boice explores in detail the book of Genesis and its theological implications---especially how it sets the stage for all of Scripture.

Creation and Blessing: A Guide to the Study and Exposition of Genesis

Allen P. Ross
An exceptionally helpful guide for pastors and teachers. Ross divides Genesis into more than 60 units, discussing each unit’s theological ideas, describing its structure, and synthesizing its message, as well as providing an exegetical outline, an expository outline, and a bibliography. He manages to engage deeply and write clearly while keeping the homiletical end always in view.

Genesis 11:27-50:26

Kenneth A. Mathews
A significant two-volume exegetical and theological commentary from a substantial evangelical scholar. In addition to verse-by-verse analysis and commentary, Mathews interacts with the Hebrew text in its original linguistic and cultural context and examines Genesis's literary and theological contours, including its place within the Pentateuch and the larger biblical canon. He also interacts with early Jewish and Christian interpretations of the Bible's first book.

Preaching Christ from Genesis: Foundations for Expository Sermons

Sidney Greidanus
A masterful guide to interpreting and proclaiming Genesis. Greidanus addresses various issues encountered when preaching Christ from Genesis, including literary and historical interpretation, the narrative sermon form, and the common lack of preaching on this foundational Old Testament book. He also offers seven ways to faithfully preach Christ from the pages of Genesis.

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