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Preaching from the Old Testament Feb 17, 2011 | Author: Ligon Duncan | Topic: Preaching Christ in the OT | Category: courses


Vern Poythress on the History of Salvation

Beginning with Moses
If we do not think deeply about the big picture that the Bible provides, we are likely in practice either not to think about big pictures at all, or to take our big picture directly from some modern worldview like evolutionary naturalism.

Preaching Christ from the OT: An Interview with Sidney Greidanus

Collin Hansen
Ask seasoned preachers who helps them preach Jesus Christ and the gospel from the Old Testament, and you’re likely to hear about Sidney Greidanus. Professor emeritus of preaching at Calvin Seminary, Greidanus wrote one of the seminal works on the subject, Preaching Christ from the Old Testament: A Contemporary Hermeneutical Method.


Jesus and the Old Testament

R. T. France
F. F. Bruce writes that France 'lets us see how crucial Jesus' Old Testament interpretation was to his understanding of his central place in the history of salvation and the accomplishment of God's purpose.'

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