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A Biblical Theologian Reviews Gerald Bray’s Systematic Theology

Thomas R. Schreiner

I would like to consider several elements in reviewing Bray’s work. What kind of systematic theology is this and how did Bray go about the task? What insights are particularly helpful for scholars and pastors? Along the way, but particularly at the end, I will raise a few questions. . . .

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A Systematician Reviews Tom Schreiner’s Biblical Theology

Gerald Bray

Theology is first and foremost about who God is and then about what he has done. But if we follow the approach of biblical theologians like Schreiner, most of the time we are forced to begin with what God has done and work back from there to who he is. . . .

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Revival Defined and Defended: How the New Lights Tried and Failed to Use America’s First Religious Periodical to Quiet Critics and Quell Radicals

Collin Hansen

Thomas Prince, editor of The Christian History—the first religious periodical in American history—could hardly have invented the Great Awakening, as Frank Lambert argues. Indeed, Prince and New Light allies such as Jonathan Edwards failed in their efforts to employ this growing medium to quiet critics and quell radicals. Their example actually refutes both the scholarly critics of revival, who doubt God’s supernatural blessing, and also modern-day radicals, who believe our actions guarantee God’s blessing of revival.

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Book Reviews

Old Testament

Dictionary of the Old Testament Prophets

Mark J. Boda and J. Gordon McConville, eds

Latest Issue

Volume 39
Issue 1

Apr 2014

This latest issue of Themelios has 212 pages of columns, articles, and book reviews.


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